We value your dog’s safety and comfort and ask that all of our guests read and understand our policies and requirements. Our policies apply to all services offered by Briar Meadows.

We require updated Rabies, DHPP/DA2PP and Bordetella vaccinations for your dog to attend. Vaccination certificates must be uploaded directly onto your accounts vaccination section and verified by a staff member for any bookings to be approved.

If your dog needs vaccines and has a stay coming up, we require 72 hours in-between the vet appointment and drop off here to avoid any adverse reactions.

When booking online, you will receive 1 of 4 potential emails once the request is put through.

1: “Confirmation booking”. This is when all information is up to date on your account and no deposit is required for your requested dates on a boarding stay

2: “Pending Reservation – Waiting for Deposit.” This email is sent when the booking is 7+ nights. Instructions are easy to follow on the email to know when and how to pay.

3: “Pending Reservation – More information Needed” This email means paperwork and vaccinations are out of date and needs to be updated and verified on your account for it to be confirmed.

4: “Cancellation Email” This is sent out when we do not have space to accommodate for the requested dates OR when you have had a booking and requesting to cancel.

50% non-refundable deposits are required on stays 7+ nights. Deposits are due 7 days prior to arrival or the booking is cancelled. Reminder emails are sent out about when the deposit is due.


Cancellations will only be processed during office hours. Requests received outside of office hours will be processed the following day. Emergency circumstance must be approved by management. Cancellation fees are 50% of the total balance owing for the reservation.
A late cancellation fee will be applied to boarding reservations cancelled within 24 hours without emergency circumstances.

A late cancellation fee will be applied to daycare reservations cancelled the day of the visit without emergency circumstances.

No-shows will be charged the full amount of the daycare, boarding, grooming reservation, barring emergency circumstance.

In the event that a late arrival occurs after 15mins of closing office hours, you will automatically be enrolled in our private pick up fee of $30.00 for boarding and daycare services. If late for a walk in grooming appointment, if it cannot be rescheduled, a 50% fee will occur.

All payments are non-refundable. In the event of emergency or extenuating circumstance [to be determined by management] a credit will be placed on the account.

All dogs must be under control when entering or exiting the facility. All dogs must be on leash, and if there is history of reactivity the dog must be properly muzzled. If you forgot or misplaced your leash please let a staff member know and they will be happy to lend you one to move your dog between the facility and your vehicle!

Should a dog display nervous or reactive tendencies that do not allow staff to provide basic necessities of life such as food, water or shelter without risk of harm to their person, we will not be able to provide daily activities such as daycare, playtimes or walks. If a dog is in danger of self-harm due to fear, nervousness or reactivity we will require the dog be picked up by the owner or emergency contact.

Rude or aggressive behavior directed at staff members or the facility will result in immediate cessation of all current and future business interactions. This includes but is not limited to raised voices, swearing, threats and physical contact.

Our policy with senior dogs is that they are in good health/mobility when they come. We require a mandatory free trial day for dogs that have an account with us but have not seen in a while to assess how their dog is as a senior to ensure we can safely attend. We do have different outdoor play groups called “Old Dog Daycare” for our senior dogs.

We accept intact dogs into our facility. For group play, intact puppies are allowed up until around 6-9 months for males and up until their first heat for females. For their safety they are carefully monitored and never grouped together. Mature intact dogs can have 1:1 playtime with a staff member during their visits

All dogs arriving to the facility must be in good health; free from any illnesses and injuries that would increase risk of infection or mobility/general health and wellness. Briar Meadows has the right to refuse dogs not in good condition from the facility.

You’re welcome to bring your own treats for your dogs to have. We only give treats to the dogs if they’re provided by the owner. However we do not give any chews/raw hides that would require supervision. 

We do have peanut butter lickmat enrichment and dehydrated beef lung if in stock to purchase if you wish. 

Pick up and drop off times must follow through according to the online booking. If it needs to change we must be notified as soon as possible. It is always a good idea to add an extra day onto the stay incase of any travel delays or other reasons the stay may be extended. We need to ensure we have room for your dog to stay longer if needed and or an emergency contact must be able to pick up as a backup plan.

All rates are subject to HST and to change without notice.

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