Overnight Boarding

Our overnight boarding program is available 365 days of the year! With spacious kennels equipped for breeds of all sizes and room for multi dog households, sprawling out after a ton of outdoor fun will never be an issue.

Outdoor time on turf grounds is included into the daily rate so you are not paying for “extras”. Additional services such as grooming can be added to your stay with an extra service fee. Our boarding dogs have the same outdoor routine as our daycare program but we do allow more rest time to ensure their bodies are not doing more than what they can handle during the length of stay they have with us.

We provide comfy blankets, stainless steel bowls, and toys for the dogs. Please do not bring your own. Exceptions would be if they need a speciality feeder such as raised feeder or slow feeders. You are welcome to bring treats but no chews that require supervision. 

Mental stimulation is just as important as physical activity which is why we have introduced lickmats with peanut butter! Add as many as you’d like on your booking as an upgrade to spoil your dog! 

We also only use organic peanut butter that only has 1 ingredient to ensure it is safe for dogs. 

For multi dog households we have the options to have separate or share kennels. If we feel your dogs may be better as separate for safety reasons, they will automatically be transferred separately for all future bookings.

We require a mandatory trial day for all new dogs to become familiar with the facility to ensure they will be a good fit before any overnight boarding stay. This can be booked through daycare reservation once an account is set up.

For any further questions on our overnight boarding, please visit our FAQ and policies page.

All PM Pickups are an additional $15 and private pick ups outside of office hours is $30 and by appointment only. Weekdays 7-9am & Weekends 8-10am & 3-4pm

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